Nesbyu's new book will be released this year

Fans of the Norwegian Nesbø rejoice – in 2020, the writer will give them a new action-packed thriller. And the publishing house "ABC-Atticus" promises to please Russian-speaking readers with a translation of the book before the end of this year.

It is known that the new novel by Yu Nesby will be called "The Kingdom" ("Kingdom"). This is an independent work that does not belong to any of the writer's series.

The action of the thriller will unfold in a small town, where each resident has his own unpleasant secret. Here, in the mountains of Norway, the protagonist lives in solitude. His quiet life is once broken by a more successful, bright and attractive younger brother, who brought his new young wife to the “bride”. However, it soon becomes clear that the youngest in the closet is full of his dark secrets.

The books of Yu Nesby are famous for their dark, noir atmospheric and multi-layered plot, which literally blows the reader's brain. That was all the novels in the series about detective Harry Hall.

We look forward to a new product! It is reported that in Norway, the start of sales is scheduled for September. We hope that by the end of the year the book will be translated into Russian.

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