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Introduction to’s Privacy Policy

By logging in to (also referred to as the “Website)), you will be deemed to have given your express consent to accept the data storage conditions listed below:

Procedure for Receiving and Storing Your Data

In accordance with the Privacy Act (Law no. 6698), may use registration forms, surveys, newsletters, user logs, cookies, etc. to use and connect to the Website. It is the data supervisor of the personal data you share through. .

In this context, will record, categorize, update and process your personal data to make the services accessible. is also authorized to give explicit consent and to share personal data with third parties to the extent required by law.

Personal data to be processed in this context:

Shared Data When Connecting to the Internet: Consists of personal data that users voluntarily share before or during use of the Web Site. This data type includes all personal data shared with the Website. For example, User names, contact information, social media profiles fall into this data category.

Data Collected in the Use of the Website: This includes the calculation of usage data of the Website carried out by various technological tools such as Cookies and Heatmap systems. For example, Users ‘interests and websites’ usage data fall into this data category.

Processable Data Without Fast Permission may use your personal data upon your approval to fulfill your request or to facilitate transactions. However, in accordance with applicable legislation, if any of the following conditions are listed, personal data may be processed without the User’s consent:

If personal data that is a party to a contract needs to be processed, provided that the need is directly related to the implementation of the contract,

If the processing of personal data is mandatory for the determination, performance or protection of rights,

If personal data is already publicly disclosed by the user,

If the personal data process is compulsory for the legitimate interests of the data supervisor, provided that this process does not harm the User’s fundamental rights and freedoms.

If it is foreseen by law.

Scope of Related Third Parties

The third parties to whom your data may be shared include:

Persons and legal entities who are entitled to receive personal data in accordance with the Electronic Communication Law (Law no. 5809) and related legislation,’s service persons and legal entities cooperate with’s current and future program partners and other third parties.

User Rights

You are entitled to rights under Article 11 of the Privacy Act:

Knowing whether your personal data is being processed,

To request relevant information if your personal data is being processed,

To know why your data is processed and whether your personal data is used correctly for a particular purpose,

Foreign or domestic third parties know that your personal data has been transferred,

To request that your personal data be corrected in case of incorrect or incorrect processing,

To request the deletion or anonymization of your personal data in accordance with Article 7 of the Privacy Act if the reasons for processing are terminated and there is no other prohibition,

Want to be informed about third parties with whom your personal data is shared,

If there is a loss due to the illegal processing of personal data, to claim compensation.

Banking Data

Your Banking Data will be processed by POS service providers such as Stripe.


Your personal data is stored on servers that the Web Site uses or owns in local regions or abroad.

During’s duty as data auditor, the storage period of personal data is three years.

The website will perform the usual maintenance of storing personal data as required technical and technological standards.

The Website may change its Privacy Policy at any time. The amendments shall enter into force on the date of publication.


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